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Gooseneck Trailers

Gatormade Inc. manufactures the finest Gooseneck trailers available in lengths from 25’ to 45’ in GVWR ratings from 14,000 or 14k to 30,000 or 30k. Our Elite series of Gooseneck trailers provide industry leading features and the absolute best value in the marketplace. We take great pride in working with our customers to meet their hauling demands whatever the application may be.


The Gooseneck trailer incorporates a pivoting coupling arm that attaches to a ball that is mounted in the bed of the tow vehicle. Ideal placement of the ball coupler is directly over the tow vehicles rear axle. Gooseneck trailers are excellent for towing heavy loads and equipment due to their increased stability since any lateral load pressure is transferred down directly to the tow vehicles rear axle and distributed to the ground through the tow vehicles tires. The typical bumper pull style trailer exerts much more pressure on the tow vehicle further back and lower which can lead to inefficient weight transfer.


A tighter trailer turning radius is possible with the Gooseneck trailer which allows increased maneuverability in all applications. This can be an excellent advantage when having to maneuver in tighter quarters or navigating cul-de-sacs. The Gooseneck trailer is very operator friendly due to fact that it navigates in the direction that you turn your steering wheel.


Weight distribution and load transfer are inherent advantages in the Gooseneck design versus bumper pull trailers due to the fact that they can handle a 15-25% hitch load where as a bumper pull style trailer can only handle 10-15%. This allows the user to have more options as to where the material or equipment being hauled can be placed.


Often overlooked is the fact that a Gooseneck trailer is much harder to steal. By removing the sliding coupler that is standard on Gatormade Elite Gooseneck trailers the thief has no ability to hook to the trailer.


Gooseneck trailers have the ability to be easily converted to a fifth wheel or kingpin connection for use with semi tractors or other trucks equipped with a fifth wheel hitch.

Gooseneck trailers are sometimes referred to as goose neck trailers.